Sunday, July 20, 2014

Random Thoughts

Had some story ideas recently...thought if I start putting these out into the world - or at least on this blog - it might make them feel more real and motivate me to see them through.

But more importantly I just know that I would appreciate hearing the creative ideas of others shared openly so maybe I'll meet a kindred spirit.  Let me know your thoughts people, whoever you are...

 Seven Story Ideas

1-    Fat kid gets super-speed and saves his families delivery service. He gets the powers from who cares and helps them make faster service. He loses weight and gets cocky. Ends up becoming a man but only by accepting responsibility for his powers and overcoming his desire to be gratified – once by food, now by fair-weather friends and fun – replacing it with a peaceful integrity that will endear him to his one true love. 

2-    Lonely guy gets off unemployment and gets his life together with self-help books. He fantasizes about being a superhero. The juxtaposition could be fun and he has an adorable disposition. The cute girl thing. Eh…pandering.

3-    A T-Rex goes on a boxing world tour. He fights a black mamba. Named Kobe.

4-    Kid moves to New York City to become a super-villain. He doesn’t care about any laws he’s just devious and messes things up for people. Reflects a sad personality but there’s a humor to him for dressing up and doing this…I guess he thinks it’s a sort of a super-sanity. Where does he live? Night-to-Night. What does he do to survive. He steals to survive. What does he live for…to laugh. Obviously he is following the joker… this is a surrealist comedy.

5-    A guy gets out of town for the weekend. He smokes pot. Does nothing. Thinks to himself. Eats food. Watches television. Hates / loves / hates self rinse repeat. Then wakes up and learns nothing other than he probably shouldn't smoke pot but...he likes it. This could be a fun look at a loners addiction and the funny/sad ways it can fill up your days with everything and nothing.

6-    A reality show about working at a restaurant. Naaaah, I mean it’s a great idea but I don’t want to be the one writing it I’m too close to it. Plus its been sorta done to death you would need something else. It’s the backdrop for a comedy but its not my joke. I’m not sure of myself and the only thing I would want for the protagonist is to LEAVE – get over his desire TO LEAVE – find LOVE  - or pursue his PASSION while using the place EFFECTIVELY. Think its time to move on from this story. 

7-    Comic Book Show about people at the shop. What happens when a shop is run by hot girls who are secretly superheroes with mythological origins like Wonder Women except less busy? Awesome things. 

Well that's a few ideas. I took a couple cracks at the overweight speedster recently but haven't gotten to where I can't stop. Started a book about unemployment too but it felt too talk-ey and needs a hook.

While I prefer making my own stories just like I prefer living my own life - I have to say that journalism is a welcome way to explore my creative sensibilities because there is an inherent structure to my understanding of the external. Limited possibilities can have their uses too when brevity ain't your thing...

Shawn Perry - 7.20.14

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