Saturday, July 26, 2014

San Diego Comic-Con Weekend

I'll admit it - I am super-duper jealous of everyone at SDCC this weekend. While I have nothing to complain about - being that I just started a new job and have a week to prep for some upcoming projects - I can't help but wonder what it's like to actually be at the epicenter of everything geeky right now.

As a contributor for Bleeding Cool, I have the opportunity to write stories about the goings-ons at the biggest event of the year. The team in place is awesome so as wonderful a writer as I am they don't need me. Plus there's always that little part of me that feels inadequate in merely engaging with the culture he loves as opposed to contributing to it with his own content.

So I'm making a declaration on all my social media soapboxes platforms that come what may I will be in attendance at SDCC 2015 both as a fan and as an artist. That means one year from today I will be in California covering the madness and contributing to it with my own creative output whether that's my own comics, films or what have you - I don't know I can't tell the future just declare my intentions for it.

So if you're up for it and have some spare time to divulge in the exploits and introspective meanderings of a not-so-mild-mannered emotionally-subnormal geek with a burning passion for storytelling then get ready for one wild ride over the next year folks!

With some Luck, Will, Hope and God I will achieve some major dreams in 2014-2015


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